A bit about the Himsel Zoo Crew

We have been blessed to have four wonderful children that we affectionately call the "Zoo Crew". Our house if filled with alot of noise, moving parts, love and laughter. But it always felt like we were still missing someone at the table. Deb follows along with a number of advocacy sites for waiting children from China, but it wasn't until the fall of 2015 that we found our son. We were drawn to a photo of an adorable boy soon to "age out" of his orphanage in China. Deb knew almost immediately he was meant to be ours. Even though Chris took a little longer, it wasn't too long before we started down that adoption journey again. This has led us down another whirlwind paper chase to bring home our boy. We are so close to making the trip to China, and can't wait to make Matthew the newest Zoo Crew member.

Monday, May 2, 2016

A fast trip to Chicago

I went to fill out the applications for our Visas a few days ago, and the instructions from the courier said to contact her if any of our passports had less than 6 months on them.  I thought - no problem, Andrew and I got ours when we adopted in 2012, and Chris had to renew his before we took our trip to Nova Scotia in 2014.  But then I remembered that minor passports are only good for 5 years. And yep, you guessed it - at the time of our travel, Andrew's passport would be 1 week shy of having 6 months left on it.  So we made a flying trip to Chicago to visit Passport Office.  It was a whole lot of waiting around.  We had to sweet talk the agent to make sure we could pick it up same day, but we did it.  We took in a few sites as we walked to Rain Forest Cafe for lunch, and survived the deadly rush-hour traffic on our way home, but we have the new passport in hand, and ready to send off to the courier tomorrow to get our Visas.

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