A bit about the Himsel Zoo Crew

We have been blessed to have four wonderful children that we affectionately call the "Zoo Crew". Our house if filled with alot of noise, moving parts, love and laughter. But it always felt like we were still missing someone at the table. Deb follows along with a number of advocacy sites for waiting children from China, but it wasn't until the fall of 2015 that we found our son. We were drawn to a photo of an adorable boy soon to "age out" of his orphanage in China. Deb knew almost immediately he was meant to be ours. Even though Chris took a little longer, it wasn't too long before we started down that adoption journey again. This has led us down another whirlwind paper chase to bring home our boy. We are so close to making the trip to China, and can't wait to make Matthew the newest Zoo Crew member.

Tuesday, May 17, 2016

This is getting real

I just bought our tickets for China. We're going a week later than we had hoped, but we'll be on a plane next Wednesday to bring this sweet boy home. Gotcha day is set for May 30th! 

I've been a bundle of nerves, worried that something is going happen that delays our trip.  Matthew turns 14 on June 4, and in China once a child turns 14 they are no longer eligible for adoption - no exceptions. So we are on a very tight timeline.  Matthew's region only does Gotcha Days on Monday, so we had hoped for a May 23rd  date.  That would have given us a little more time in China in case something went wrong, and we would have been out of China and on our way home when Matthew turned 14.  Even with our case being expedited, we still had a hangup with our I800 application - and for us even a day "hang up" makes me sweat.  So now we are going at the absolute latest possible time we can and get his adoption completed.  Fingers crossed there are no more hangups.

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